Vicki Watson
I love the personal connection you can develop with people through photography. Whether it is children and families, people embarking on the biggest day of their lives, revellers and party goers or performers and entrepreneurs promoting something they love. People are unique and so is each photography job.
That is what I want to produce, brilliant photos that are individual, unusual and each one a wee work of art for you to keep forever.
I came to photography whilst on my 3 wonderful yet at times challenging maternity leaves. My bubbling creativity needed an outlet and as I had handily produced  three mini muses, my obsession with photography bloomed.
I began by taking pictures of children of all ages and still love family shoots. I am drawn by the resilience of children and young people and their vulnerability. I like to capture not just happy faces but also moments of contemplation or frustration with their siblings or parents because that’s life, in all its glory! Family shoots are also about having fun, unposed and natural, outside in a favourite location or in your own home. It's up to you, your shoot, your choice.
I have since taken photos for the press, businesses, websites, third sector, publications, large events, conferences, performance and parties for young and old. I also have a penchant for portraiture and have a small Humans of Porty (Portobello) project on the go based on the Humans of New York. I love where I live and find photography  can play a cohesive role in our community.
I recently embarked on the wonderful world of wedding photography and my what a privilege to be part of someone’s big day and all it entails. creative and candid, capturing the anticipation, joy, fun and yes, LOVE of your big day. 
We live in an increasingly visual world and good images not only give you memories for life but can also make a huge difference to your future plans. I would love to hear from you especially if you are about individualism and honesty. Because as much as photography is about the light it is also about the dark which is the same as  life.
So let’s embrace it!
Thank you!